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Fertilizer, a new product offer since 2015. Delivered to commercial and residential clients in the metro Ottawa area and Eastern Ontario, Canada.

PRO Grade Fertilizers


Manderley PRO Grade line of fertilizers are designed to keep a lawn healthy and looking great throughout its lifecyle. For professional results Manderley offers a Root Starter formula as well as an annual 3-step maintenance program.

Root Starter Fertilizer (12-32-6)

A specially formulated, fertilizer designed to promote the rapid establishment and healthy growth of new sod or seed plantings.

  • 1 kg, Coverage: 1 kg x 403 ft2 (37.5 m2)
  • 8 kg

Our 3-Step Fertilizer Program is specially formulated to deliver the ideal mix of nutrients to keep grass healthy and looking its best year-round throughout its lifecycle.

Spring Formula (30-0-10)

Step 1 – Designed to kick-start a lawn into action after winter dormancy, this blend helps to strengthen and repair any lawn.

  • 8 kg, Coverage: 1 kg x 538 ft2 (50 m2)

Maintenance Formula (18-0-12)

Step 2 – Designed for best results during the warm summer months, this blend will keep any lawn healthy and green throughout the growing season.

  • 8 kg, Coverage: 1 kg x 538 ft2 (50 m2)

Fall Formula (15-0-30)

Step 3 – Designed to prepare a lawn for winter and reduce the impact of cold weather stress.

  • 8 kg, Coverage: 1 kg X 538 ft2 (50 m2)

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